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Intense training during down time.

Holiday programmes are a great way to boost skills, develop new ones and put in the uninterrupted practice time needed to take a student’s debating and public speaking game to the next level. Classes are hugely varied and are aimed at turbo charging a student’s ability. The transformation over five days can be truly astonishing. Whether you are a total beginner or an old hand, if you are a debater with some spare time this holiday then these are the programmes for you.

We offer both public and private holiday programmes.

Public Programmes—Debate

  • Introductory

    If you have no experience in debate, then this is the programme for you. The focus will be on the key elements to debating. Building strong arguments, giving persuasive speeches and learning to build a sensible case will be the main elements covered in this week long programme. If you’re interested in seeing what all the fuss is about then this is a great place to start!

  • Beginner

    Already understand the basic format of debating but haven’t had much of a chance to practice yet? Then this programme is for you! The class aims to help you further develop your core debating skills. Our programmes are designed to be relaxed and fun but can easily be shifted up a gear to keep things challenging.

  • Intermediate

    Can you give a speech? Do you know how to write a case? Have you seen all the beginner motions before? If so, it’s time to move on up. Intermediate debate is where debating ceases to be just a skill and becomes a fundamentally different way of looking at the world. Key issues from the military to the environment, the media to the criminal justice system are discussed here and we guarantee to expose you to things you have not seen before. Each intermediate programme is carefully tailored to be unique and tweaked as the days go on to be receptive to the needs of the class. It’s time to stop just giving speeches and start trying to win rounds, raise new points and understand the issues behind them.

  • Advanced

    Some debaters are looking to challenge themselves at an entirely new level. We would recommend this programme only to students who are on their school teams or who have at least a few years’ experience. This programme is based on the same methods and expectations as training for the competitive international debate circuit. All motions are from real international tournaments. All sessions will introduce a lot of new matter into your debating files for the future. Feedback is aimed at changing and improving your personal approach to debate. A space designed to give you the rigor of a competitive tournament and provide you the freedom to take risks and improve. If debate is your passion, then you are among friends here!

Public Programmes—Speech & Thought

Are you under 11 and interested in talking about problems in the world? Are you nervous to present in front of your class or give a speech? Then why not join our Speech & Thought programme this coming holidays. The 5 day course will focus on building up our students’ confidence with public speaking and encourage them to look at different perspectives and discuss solutions to important issues. Whether your child loves to speak and needs an outlet or is still finding their feet, we can encourage them to feel confident no matter the public speaking occasion.

Private Programmes

Sometimes public groups can’t accommodate truly diverse needs. If you want to form your own group to address something specific or would just rather learn with your friends then this is your best option. Private groups allow you to reserve time slots in our schedule that are only for you. We will collaborate with you on the organisation and logistics but the key decisions of the programmes are all up to you. This kind of programme is for people with experience or total beginners. If you are interested in exploring debate or public speaking in a familiar crowd then we’d be more than happy to help make that happen.

Programme Details


5-day intensive programmes


Group size:
6-12 students (One instructor),
12-24 students (Two instructors)

Lesson length:
3hrs (9-24 students),
2hrs (6-8 students)

Speech & Thought

5-day intensive programmes

7-10 years old

Group size:
6-9 Students

Lesson length:
1.5 hours

Major holidays:
Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter and Summer all have programmes running!

Registration opens 4-6 weeks before the holiday season. Contact us to find out about Upcoming Programmes!