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Teacher Training

We provide debate training to arm teachers with the necessary skills to bring debate into their classrooms. During the workshops, we will take the teachers through the basics of how a debate functions, the best ways to introduce the key skills to their students, as well as adjudicating and giving constructive feedback to inspire their young debaters in moving forwards.

  • Programmes are tailor-made to suit the schools needs
  • Teacher training is available on Staff Development Day
  • Full lesson plans & comprehensive resources are provided

School Team Coaching

If your school would like to create a debate team to compete in the local tournaments and you aren’t sure where to begin, we are here to help. From student selection to team dynamic development, our School Team Coaching will inspire your young debaters to thrive in a competitive atmosphere.

  • After-school hours
  • Tailor-made to suit the students & their competitive needs
  • Short & long term options available

Debate ECA — On Campus

Our ECA programmes are run at your school with set curriculums which have been developed and honed by Debate HK over the years. Whether it is for complete beginners who need to work through the basics of how to debate, or the focus being on expanding what the students know, we can offer them the best opportunity to grow as debaters.

  • During ECA/CCA time slots
  • 8-10 students per class
  • Term-based curriculums
  • Age: 11+

Speech & Thought ECA — On Campus

This programme guides our younger students towards building up their skills in public speaking and their ability to think about the world around them. They’ll discover the fun side of speaking, begin to look at issues in the world, and learn that you are never too young to start discussing them.

  • During ECA/CCA time slots
  • 6-9 students per class
  • Term-based curriculums
  • Age: 8-10

In-School Debate Programme

A tailor-made debate programme where, with the help of our instructors, your school selects the outcome based on your students needs. Our instructors will create the programme and come in each week to teach during regular school lessons.

  • During regular school lessons
  • Tailor-made based on schools’ expected outcomes
  • Runs from September to June